Weekly Report - February 23rd

Hi equity friends!

AUS Equity had a busy and exciting week preparing for our Mythbusting Conference, which took place on Saturday. The conference was a success, and we would like to thank everyone who came out, especially our engaging and informative workshop leaders! 

We are also continuing to develop equity training for AUS Council, and happy to announce that our motion on Equity by-laws passed! Yay!


This week is Rad Sex Week at McGill! Hosted by the UGE and Queer McGill, Rad Sex Week features many cool workshops on sex and sexuality. Check out the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/634622676604241/

In keeping with the theme, here is a thought-provoking story from a first year at Duke that deals with sex work, sex positive feminism and slut-shaming.


Good luck with midterms!


Weekly Report - February 7th

Hey all! 

It’s February, which means things are getting really busy! Between papers and midterms, we’re kicking into high gear to solidify the details of our Equity Conference (happening on February 22), still working with QPIRG to develop scenarios for the training we will be giving Council members, and have finalized Equity by-laws. We are also finally getting t-shirts so that the Equity Committee can be super spiffy and professional! 

For this week’s educational resource, check out this talk between bell hooks and Janet Mock called Gender Policing and Politics of Defining Womanhood, which discusses womanhood, trans* issues, and Black identity. Listen to it it here.

Keep yr head up, friends, we know it’s a tough time of year! If you ever have any questions, need self-care tips, or just wanna chat, feel free to shoot us an email! See you next week!

- Meg + Equity 

Weekly Report - January 28th

Hello EquiTumblrees!

This week we scheduled not only lots of meetings for the upcoming year but worked hard to make sure our conference will turn out great! We’ve decided on changing a few bylaws which we will be presenting in two weeks at council after meeting with Arts Senator Stewart-Kanigan. As well, we have a wonderful new addition to our team, Rosie, who will be writing our blog update in two weeks. We’ll be back at council this week and we can’t wait to be #CutiesAtCouncil once again!

For your weekly resource, you can read all about trans issues and receive an online education about pronouns, gender, and identity!  


Xoxo, EquiTumbgirl

Weekly Report - January 13th

In our first two meetings of 2014, we discussed our upcoming conference.  The date has been finalized for February 22nd 2014. We are still waiting to hear from some of the groups we hope to cooperate with and are currently working on getting catering from the Midnight Kitchen!

Josh and Hannah attended their first AUS Council meeting and very much enjoyed live tweeting their experience.  They look forward to attending future meetings!

We are also looking into launching a competition in order to rename the meeting rooms in the AUS lounge. If you have any ideas please submit them to equity.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

We discussed our future plans for changes to the Equity By-laws and we are hopefully motioning for the creation of by-laws for AUS Frosh as well as BDA. 

Friday Resource Round Up! November 29

I’m Queer and So Are You: Against Being Born This Way This article offers an examination of the problems implicit in the “Born This Way” concept, going so far as to equate it with the way that rapists are often treated by the media.  It showcases the problem of removing agency and choice.

Let’s Talk About Thin Privilege - Explanation of thin privilege, and the common misconceptions associated with it as well as its intersections with ableism and mental health.

I’m Sorry Whiteness You Can’t Have Everything “Before I plunge in, I’m going to offer a general explanation of cultural appropriation: it’s when the dominant culture adopts symbols, iconography, customs, crafts etc created by a subordinate culture, without either gaining permission, giving credit, honoring the true spirit of the culture or ensuring that members of the subordinate culture are equally represented in the mainstream. It’s like hey, we like the yoga stuff, but not so much the brown people that created it. ” The article also offers a great example of cultural appropriation in the context of language.

What’s Happening at McGill -

McGill Board of Governors supports Senate Motion on Charter of Values

Students Gather for an Awareness Raising Campaign for the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

Monday Updates 11/25/13

Hey everyone! Last Tuesday, Equity started off our week by attending a discussion on cultural appropriation, which was put on by the SSMU Equity Committee. We learned a lot and got to hear from many different people, and were reminded that it is always important to be aware of how much space you’re taking up in group discussions. We also met with QPIRG again to further develop some anti-oppression workshops for the AUS Council members and work out the specifics of what we want to offer. 

We’ve also been working more on our winter conference and have come up with a tentative schedule! There is still a lot more work to be done and partnerships to be formed to make this conference happen, but we’re excited to get this going and will be able to provide more information very soon. Right now we’re in the middle of a referendum to get Equity a seat on council, and we’re continuing to support the development of an Indigenous Studies minor concentration. 

Finally, our first event is this Wednesday! Come to LEA14 at 7:30 pm for an Equity Meet and Greet, where we will be screening Born in Flames followed by an informal discussion period about the film! Snacks will be provided and it will be an awesome chance for us to get to know more of the Arts faculty, and for us to answer any questions you might have. 

This week our office hours will be a little earlier, from 3:30-5:30 in the JD room, due to the screening. Don’t hesitate to drop by!

Friday Resource Round-Up! Nov 22

Why “Illegal Immigrant” is a Slur: This article, written by Charles Garcia, offers a history of the term “illegal immigrant” and how it has been used as a tool of oppression. It looks at the landmark decision in the 2012 SCOTUS case on Arizona immigration to omit “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” as establishing a humanistic approach to current immigration policy reform. 

Redlining: Redlining is when financial services are arbitrarily denied or limited to specific neighborhoods, generally because its residents are poor or non-white. This article gives a brief history of redlining and how it has helped to keep non-white families in poorer neighbourhoods while providing more resources to upper-income white families. 

On Harper and the Disappearance of Indigenous Women: This article looks at the issue of violence against Indigenous women and how Canadian governmental laws, policies, and actions are doing more to make this issue worse rather than actually helping Indigenous communities. 

What’s going on at McGill?

- Senate takes official stance against charter

- McGill responds to sexaul assault policy critiques 

- Montrealers gather to fight gendered violence

Monday Updates - 18/11/2013

    Over the past week Equity has been in many a meeting, we attended the Engineering Equity Panel Discussion, had meeting with student leaders about possible future projects - namely the ways in which the Equity Committee could support the development of the Indigenous Studies Minor Concentration, and some research into employment equity policies in the Arts Faculty.  We also met with QPIRG about designing equity training for the AUS Executives, and we are looking forward to working with them to create those workshops.

    We’ve also begun to make concrete plans regarding the conference we hope to hold next semester.  On February 22nd we intend to host a “myth busting” conference, and we are reaching out to a variety of student groups to help us create workshops on sexual assault, ableism, transmisogyny and racism, amongst others.  Keep your eyes peeled for information about this upcoming event, we’re very excited about it!

    We finalized the details of our first event of the year, our meet and greet/movie night on Wednesday November 27th! We will be watching Born in Flames, a documentary style sci-fi film from the 80s about radical feminism.  Come out and watch it with us, and get to know your AUS Equity Team. We will also be hosting an informal discussion of the film after the screening.  

    Finally we have established our office hours for the remainder of the semester, we will be holding them in the Jack Daniels Room in the Arts Lounge from 4:30-6 on Wednesdays.  Drop by with any questions or concerns about Equity in the Arts Faculty, or just to say hello!


Resource Round Up for Friday, November 15

The N Word: A FAQ - An article which highlights the importance of language, particularly the N word. The author answers common questions about the background of the word, who can use it, and why they can use it. The ideas presented are important to consider when questioning the appropriateness of a word. 

A History of Medical Racism - A brief history of racist medical policies and experiments, focusing on the reproductive rights of women of colour in the United States. The Eugenics Movement of the Progressive Era, focused on reducing pregnancies among Black, Puerto Rican, and Indigenous women, while forcing pregnancies among white women. It provides information on the Tuskagee Experiment, and more recent racist medical practices. 

What’s going on at McGiil? 

McGill’s Hiring Inequities

- McGill Athletics, rape culture, and a failure to act

- Focus on the Woman, Not the Family

- A Charter of Values, But not Inclusion

Monday Updates - 11/11/2013

This week we had a lot going on! We met this week on Wednesday and had a long a discussion about the upcoming AUS introductory event, which will be a screening of Born In Flames on November 27th and the AUS Referendum where we will voting to create a seat for the AUS Equity Committee on the AUS Council.

Last week, we helped host the Halloween BDA, where there were only a handful of costumes that were problematic. We talked to these people and helped them to understand why their costumes were racist or oppressive. Finally, we received updates on projects working possibly with the OSD and QPIRG which we can’t detail just yet and decided that the Equity Committee would support the UGE in their fight against rape culture. 

Ooh! And we will now be having office hours, every week for the rest of the semester from 2:30 - 6:00 in the Jack Daniels Room in the AUS Lounge.

- Josh